Release of OSXFUSE 2.3.0 Posted on 25 Jul 2011

Download OSXFUSE 2.3.0

This is the first public release of OSXFUSE, a successor to MacFUSE. OSXFUSE 2.3.0 is a beta release and may contain bugs.


Installing OSXFUSE

The OSXFUSE installer offers the following choices/packages:

Uninstalling OSXFUSE

OSXFUSE can be uninstalled by pressing the "Remove OSXFUSE" button in the OSXFUSE Preference Pane. The Preference Pane itself will not be uninstalled by this step and has to be removed manually by secondary-clicking on "FUSE for OS X" in System Preferences and selecting "Remove FUSE for OS X Preference Pane".